About Us 


Naijalane.com.ng is owned by two Nigerian students who share same view about the current state of Nigeria Internet world filled with junk and irrelevant information been circulated day in day out to the leaders of tomorrow.

Naijalane is ready to take appropriate measures to satisfy an average Nigeria with accurate and fast information and will drastically reduce the rate at which youths visit porn site. .

naijalane.com.ng is here to bring the fastest information to you be it technology, politics, fashion, lifestyle,musical videos, stories, entrepreneurial enlightenment.

“WE wish you the best as we are about to take over the internet.”

You may be wondering why many of the youths are jobless in Nigeria. Graduates are moving around the street without job..

Naijalane.com.ng stands out against others to enlighten graduates or undergraduate of today to go into entrepreneurship,to start good business which will be of benefit to them.