Guideline To Guest Blogging

The Nigeria blogosphere is increasing rapidly with  lot of content but less traffic and it can be easily argued that content is key,of what relevant is a content without the right traffic hitting on the post Writing a guest post is one of the best ways to bring in lots of traffic to your site.

Guest posting is also a great way to get a high-quality backlink which will help in your SEO efforts,which means link building which is a WIN WIN Situation

   How To Select The Right Blog For Guest Posting?

Now you have decided you want to guest blog picking any blog in the blogosphere is consider a NO situation

The first criteria you should look for is the blog’s quality. Is it high ranking? Does it have high-quality content?

Can you  offer the blog’s audience something of value.You dont expect to blog with ogbongeblog and post entertainment gossip


Here are three things to look for:

  1. Similar niche
  2. Good traffic
  3. High page rank

Step 1. Identified The Blog You Want To Write For

You need to write the post and understand the content you are writing on with relevant research, before you do this i will advise you to have a look at the topics that have already been covered, and make sure you aren’t writing about something that has been written about before. Make your content new and unique,most bloggers dont like to make their content unique which is not really cool and try to flow with the pattern the way the blog owner writes {using the blog owner style}

        Tips for writing a great post:

  • Write about what you know
  • uniqueness
  • link building {Provide high-quality outbound links}
  • Provide the most value you can.
  • Make sure the post is in correspondence  to the blog’s audience.
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Step 2. Contact the blog owner.

If you know the blog owner they will be happy to let u guest blog provided you are not spamming the blog with bad links …….if not check the contact link of the blog or facebook link

Put the following in your signature:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Blog address
  • Twitter ID
  • Facebook ID

The owner will want to see that your blog and your brand can offer something of value to the readers of their blog.

Step 3. Promote Your Articles On Social Media Sites Like Twitter And Facebook.

Don’t wait for the blog owner to update youon this; just do it yourself as soon as the post is published.

Also, something you might want to do is place an outbound link to another blog in your guest post. You can then tell that blog owner that you linked to their work, and they will consider promoting your guest post to their readers. This is really a good strategy to build authority and get others to like you.

But don’t include links just for the sake of building backlinks. A blog owner might reject your post if you’re just trying to build backlinks.

Step 4. Reply to comments.

Reply to comment from your readers and try as possible to reply in a polite manner ,help them with things you can do better……


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