Lagos ​Health Centre Mandates Patients to buy petrol for Hospital.

A Lagos state health centre yesterday mandated its patients to fuel the hospital generator before they are attended to.

This shocked the patients and they outrightly disagreed to comply and stated that they wont pay for such except one patient who paid N500.
Patients also complained of not been given the Child Health Card for treatment records and appointment dates until the Governor’s wife visits.

A patient said”They sell exercise books to us to keep records of treatment instead of the Child Health Card which they know is wrong. But, when anyone inform them she is traveling,they will then give the person a card or when they are informed that the governor’s wife will be visiting the hospital,they will then transfer the records to the card and give it to us.

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She further said,they claim that the government does not provide anything for them,that they make it available to patients themselves.”

she said “government should look into  health facilities of the state which Is now deteriorating, making sure patients are neither extorted nor deprived of better health facility

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