I Check out how this bank cleaner stole over 5million from the vault

A 29year old Diamond bank cleaner, Peter Oko,29 at the New Nyanya

branch in Nasarawa state has been arrested for stealing N5.675 million
from the bank’s vault

Confessing, he said he took the keys to the vault, stole the money and
hid it in a carton, which he took home after the close of work.

“I single-handedly carried out the operation because I have been
working as a cleaner in the bank for the past 10 years and my eyes had
been on one of the keys to the vault, where the bank used to keep its

“As a cleaner, my attention was not only on the keys, but on how I
will carry out the operation successfully without being caught by
either the security or any staff of the bank.”

He said he stole the money without the knowledge of the bank workers,
and that he had access to all the foreign currencies in the bank as he
knew where they were kept

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