To become more successful do 5% more

Why do some people seem so successful

at whatever they do in their jobs or their

careers? Do you think they have exceptional talents

or knowledge? Do you suggest they know the right

people or come from a rich

background? The real truth is that

successful people are not any different

from you or me.

They come from all sorts

of backgrounds; have a wide range of

educational and personal experiences;

and may be talented or just plain

average. But what they do have in

common is that they understand the

concept of “5% More”.

I am the perfect example of someone

who has used the principle of 5% More

to achieve greater success than I could

ever have imagined. Like me, if you put

just 5% More effort into any aspect of

your life, you will not only achieve your

goals, you will surpass them. The thing

that holds most people back is that they

commit to making big changes too

quickly. They move full steam ahead and

easily become overwhelmed by the

amount of work that needs to be done.

While I was in law school, I took a job in

a call center in the basement of a dingy

building with no windows. I had just

declared bankruptcy, was about to get

married, stressed about keeping my

grades up, and I needed money badly.

Initially, I was just a call center agent

who made sales and got paid a


After awhile, I was given the opportunity

to become a Team Leader on the sales

floor, responsible for roughly a dozen or

so other agents. I would be compensated

for the extra work by receiving a small

override on my team commission. The

catch was, if I wasn’t on the phones

making my own sales, I wouldn’t be

making money for myself. But instead of

looking at this as a burden or an added

responsibility of having to manage other

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people, I viewed this as an opportunity

to increase my net worth. That’s when I

realized that I had to embrace a 5%

More mindset. I had to be open to giving

5% More in a way that at first seemed

contrary to what I wanted to achieve. I

had to open my mind to 5% More. And

when I did, it led me to making a whole

lot more money.

If you put 5% More effort, time, or

commitment into your career, you too

will reap huge rewards in the long run.

Here are three actions you can take to

get started:

Stay 5% longer at work.

Putting in an extra few minutes at work

seems minor, but completing an

additional task, week after week, can

add up quicker than you think.

Increase your results by 5%.

Don’t focus on activities, focus on results.

Looking at how to increase your results,

even by a small amount, will help you

identify and eliminate actions that waste

your time.

Spend 5% more time thinking about how

to save your company money.

If you can identify a small change that

can save your employer thousands of

dollars, you will increase your net worth

to the company. Discussing that savings

during your performance review will

help you get a raise.

As you start to embrace a 5% More

mindset, you will think of other ways to

use it to build your career. Whatever

your task is, tell yourself you will just do

a bit more. Then depending on your

goal, you compound it. Each day or week

or month, do 5% More than what you

previously did, and continue to build on

it. I call this creating micro goals that

lead to micro successes that can be

compounded and turned into major

wins. It’s simple and it’s doable. That’s

how people achieve solid, long-lasting

success. They do it step-by-step

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