You Don’t Have To Dress Like A Pig Or Dog | African Fashion Is The Best

Fashion in African is one of the most
outstanding,fascinating ways people dress
around the world to look good…I guess looking good is every individual major priority .

specific definition cannot be given to
the word fashion In human Lifestyle , I defined
fashion as the way you dressed and makes
you feel comfortable,either putting on
Bra and pant to your wedding ceremony if
you are comfortable with this then you are
good and free to go with it.

TO be sincere
all written above does not apply to the real
African Man ..Because
Fashion in Africa is regarded as a way you
are dressed and people are comfortable with
what you are putting on am sure u as the
reader will definitely agree with this,you dare
not try to put on a pant and work around
ojota axis U know what will definitely
happen( o gal u dey showcase madness) but
God bless African and Nigeria..
my major problem is why are we over
copying what’s bad in the white culture I
never said we should not bring in other
people culture but we have to embrace our
own dearly..

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