Easy steps on how to prepare Yogurt

How To Prepare Yogurt
Today I will be teaching you home made production of yogurt without stress..

Let’s quickly talk about what yogurt is made up off
Yogurt is a diary product , The major raw material is animal milk, Bacteria fermentation is allows in the milk enabling the production of lactic acid at a controlled level. This is one of the major cause y yogurt taste sour while taken..

A mixed culture (of streptococcus thermophilic and lactobacillus buldarious ) is introduced into the milk at a determined conditions, and this mixed culture will break down the milk sugar ( lactose) to lactic acid.

Water                   2cups
Powered Milk     2cups
Yogurt.             2 level tablespoon
HOT – water.      Small blue band tin
Sugar.                  To taste
Citric Acid.          1 tablespoon

Re-hydrate the mil with the 2 cups of water at room temperature. Ensure that all the lumps are dissolved .Then add the yogurt .
Mix well,finally add the nearly boiled water and stir briskly to blend rapidly sugar to taste and preservative if in use. Allow the whole mixture in your bowl or Fill the mixture into washed sterilized warm bottle.

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Allow the yogurt mixture to set in a quiet corner of the kitchen where it will not be disturbed . Wrapping your fluffy bath towel or I thick foam or furniture-cloth will. Encourage good quality product result . Allow it to set (Undisturbed) for 3_4 HRS on hot days. Better still prepare in the night before going to bed and allow to set till morning … It should be be solid like a jelly or custard when set..store the set yogurt in the refrigerator.


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