How To Prepare Custard Powder

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How To Prepare Custard Powder
home made production of Custard powder

1) Corn Starch or Edible starch         10 cups
2)unripe plantain powder                 2 cups
3) Egg white.                                       3 eggs
4)colour                                               Yellow colour
5) sugar                                                 A Little
6) salt.                                                     A pinch
7) Flavour – Vanilla, Banana etc.          To taste

Measure out the corn-starch; add plantain powder,egg white ,colour flavour, sugar and salt. Mix properly and allow to dry . Dry mill to ensure even distribution of ingredients.Then package for sale … You can earn a living with it (Small scale business)

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How to prepare corn starch : soak your corn for 2days ,wash and mill,sieve with Muslim cloth, or chivon materials ,drain the water and allow it to dry to powder.. This is also readily available in the market

How to prepare Plantain powder by peeling the plantain allow to dry in the sun or oven then dry mill ,sift the particles out and use the powder. Unripe plantain is for iron in the body, therefore it is optional.Egg is also optional depending on the types you are preparing

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