How To Prepare Salad Chicken


Salad chicken is another type of salad food.The preparation is the same with other types of salad vegtable,but with little difference and varieties usually prepared in occasions or cocktail parties in Nigeria.

Chicken                          1kg


Pineapple                     1 whole


Salad Cream                  1 small size


Cabbage                         1 dessert spoonful


  Wash and cut the chicken,Add seasoning and cook till soft. Remove all bones and shred or use blender. Wash neatly and cut the cabbage into small sizes, Mix the cabbage and the chicken together,add salad cream about one bottle,Refrigerate.

Cut the pineapple into two parts, the upper part,which forms the cover should be smaller than the lower part.use your Knife to remove the edible part of both lower and upper parts to some extent into a plate.
When this is done, add 1/2 bottle of salad cream to the edible part of pineapple and mix. Put both the pineapple into refrigerator to chill .After about 3 to 4hours remove from fridge and mix the chicken and pineapple together, add food color to highlight the sald and get the pineapple shell, place the Mixture which is the salad into the lower part of the shell, cover with the upper part. Place on tray and serve for variety . Water melon could be used to remove the edible parts and seed then use as pineapple above

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