30 mins interview with Lawal Ibrahim abayomi Co – owner of naijalane blog

Can You Tell Naijahit Reader’s About your self And your Blog?

My name is Lawal Ibrahim Abayomi ,second and last child of the Family. My blog name is naijalane.com.ng which is owned by two young Nigerian students,my partner’s name is Azeezah Morenikeji..

Can You Tell us what Naijalane.com.ng is All about?
Lawal: Naijalane.com.ng is created with the initial aim of circulating daily and current news but getting on-line we discovered there are thousands of blogger on the niche,we want to specify on we had no other option than to stay out and be unique from our counterpart, we check for other available Niche and I can tell you with full assurance that we are the only Nigeria student to start a blog on entrepreneur ,food ,family ,fashion and life&style. We have been able to maintain this niche of ours for months now…

How did you get to know About Blogging?
Lawal : hmm! your question is very tactical well I can tell you I had a blog right from my secondary school days far back 2008 or 2009 not sure about that ,days of .muf.mobi that’s where I derived my name name Mastermovic which was a free browsing blog back then..

What’s your strength?

Lawal: God and God only is my strength. All thanks to friends and well wishers, and the most important person My Partner,Azeezah morenikeji, we have been each other’s strength from start,but with The help of Allah.

How do you manage your blog (Naijalane) efficiently with respect to Time?
Lawal :Time is a major factor in all we do on earth. So,we have been programmed to last for a specific time before we expire.. I told you I am not the only person on this so time has always been our friend with effective planning and timing . we share the workload with each other to solve the problem on ground.

Do you think Naijalane.com.ng will improve in years to come?
Lawal: Sure! am very sure about that, good things take time to yield..A lady having many boyfriends does not signify she’s beautiful it just shows that cheap things ve many buyers and consumers am sure in years to come you will be very happy and delighted to have interviewed me today..


How do you think I rate Naijalane as an Interviewer?
Lawal: Excellent

Tell some of your Favourite Blogger?
Lawal ibrahim Abayomi: Hmm in terms of quality content I go For Rosyomeje.com.. All bloggers that give out quality content are my favourite…Youmustgethealthy.com

What do you find the most frustrating aspect of Blogging?
Blogging has always being fun but you know we have to subscribe on our phone to access the internet ,Electricity problem, Economical Instability”increase in dollars ,we pay our host in dollars”.

Is blogging a Profession To You and Your partner or Hubby?
Lawal: I want to become an engineer in the nearest future and my partner is a communicator for now blogging is both a profession and hubby to us..

Would you encourage Other people to Make their blog?
Lawal: It depends, if you can write and reason far beyond thousands of blogger out there why not start your own blog to share the unique ideas in you…

Can you please give a summary of what your blog is about and what do I gain from visiting your blog?
Lawal: You may be wondering why many youth are jobless today in Nigeria -many youth have spent their time online in search of latest celebrity bash out and social media fricks being shared by fellow bloggers but we at naijalane gives out Entrepreneurial tips,how to setup a small scale business ,how to write your own business plan,how to relate properly with your family and friends etc when you visit us at naijalane your mind is always on the right spot which will help you posture your brain to think about your future that thousands of Nigerian graduate yearly and just few hundreds of them are being employed in which 99% is about connection and the remaining 1% is grade. Visit us today. Thank You

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  1. Colllins M.

    August 7, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    Wow! I didn’t know you guys mentioned my blog here. Its good to know.

    I rep http://www.youmustgethealthy.com

    • Naijalane

      August 7, 2016 at 7:34 pm

      You are welcome bro

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