Ankara Fashion and styles..

What’s Ankara?

Ans: Ankara is a fabric material design to suit the taste of any African,which can be mixed with multiple colour to suit consumers.
Though Ankara has been the major trend of fashion to Africans, people from different continent have dived into this trend and mix it up with their own culture and brand of dressing . Nevertheless Ankara is a cultural heritage which belongs to Africa.

Today Ankara Fabrics is now been improved in designs from what we use to know from the past,western culture of dressing has now been integrated into this fabric design and designers have been able to sit down and think of improvements from the formal system.. After rigorous planning and handwork Ankara Fashion design have been reasonably improved from the former IRO and BUBA and Sokoto and Buba to jump suit, mini gown, six pieces skirt, crop top etc. different styles of Ankara erupt day in day out and they are been modernized to fit and suit for the latest design..

Ankara Fabrics Design as a source of Employment

Funny as it might sound, Ankara fabrics design is a source of livelihood to over 20% of Nigerians according to a survey carried out by naijalane.com.ng using 30streets as my case study within Ikeja Metropolis.
Major area in wish entrepreneur focused on are, bead making, bangles, Earrings,Shoes etc using ankara fabrics.

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Modelling Ankara as a source of Income For African Models. African models have participated in  modelling of this Fabrics to show the world how to rock this outfit better which in turn is a lucrative business to them as they are been paid by designers for the modelling their product(s).

Ankara As Nigeria ASO Ebi (Party Outfit)

What’s ASO EBI ?

Ans: ASO EBI is borrowed from the yoruba language meaning Family clothes. Nigerians have a strong family ties than any other country in the world and most especially among the yoruba tribes, where they generally love to look unique in any occasion they attend or being organised by the family. ASO EBI is another means used to differentiate families or groups.

Trending Ankara outfit for 2016 below(pictures)

Note: This page and pictures will be updated time to time you are advised to bookmark it for future Reference..



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