Production of orange Jam in Nigeria

How to produce/make JAM
Type of “preserve” produced by heating fruit juice with sugar. A jelly-like product, which preserved for very long time will be produced. some fruits like the citrus fruits sugar components.

Orange fruits – 500g
Sugar.            -500g

Wash,peel an extract the orange juice. Heat both the juice and sugar stir to facilitate the dissolute ion of the sugar. Keep on boiling and stirring,be careful with the frothing. When the mixture begins to thicken. check for the setting point. To test for setting the jam will flake of the spoon and a teaspoon of jam placed on a plate will form a skin and wrinkle after about 2 mins. pour the jam into sterile dry jars cover and label

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The important of this tutorial is you can use it to start up a small scale business since food is very important and essential in the body..And all the recipe can be source for in Nigeria

NOTE:The Jam Does not need to be too thick while on fire. IT will thicken more when cold . if The gelling does not occur in your fruit,you may need to add lemon juice..

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