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My last food Article was on production of Orange Jam (home made) .Today I will like to give guide and tutorial on how to produce Strawberry Jam and source for the materials in Nigeria which could be used to start up a small scale venture to enjoy yourself This Valentine…

Jam is a product widely accepted in the world . Its mostly used as spread on bread just like mayonnaise. The texture is made in a way that it can be easily spread,yet before use,it should retain its shape without separation of free syrup, crystallization of sugar or becoming rubbery.

Formulation for strawberry jam: It should contain 35g of fruit in every 100g of jam,with total sugar content 66g.
The recipe for 100kg production in industrial manufacture should obtain

RECIPE                                  Kg
Strawberry pulp                 40.00
Pectin solution                    6.00
Glucose syrup                     15.55
Sugar syrup.                        73.30
Plus acid,colour& buffer   100.00

Jam should be boiled to remove excess water,to invert sugar from the development of characteristics flavour,to ensure changes in fruit textures and destruction of yeast and moulds. weight out the above ingredients and add to a boiling vessel. Boiling can be done in different ways.

Atmosphere pressure Boiling: This is done by using steam heated upon pans which is capable of boiling batches of 75-100kg .steam at 4-5 bars is supplied to a Jacky or to internal coils for faster boiling. The pans should have a discharging outlet for easy processing ,and 4-8 pans made available for continuous supply of product.

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   Batch Vacuum boiling:  This system is used to boil jam of 200-500kg.The vessels are made of stainless and is provided with heating coils,Vacuum pump/reject system,a means of sampling or a built in refractometer,entry points an an inspection window. To reach evaporation of 50-65•c when this is achieved the vacuum is released and the temperature is allowed to rise to about 90•c. This ensures sterilization and condition for formation of the pectin gel is generally achieved.

Cooling: After the processing and filling of jars,cooling should be done by using a continuous band cooler fitted with water sprays. The initial sprays should be at about 60•c to avoid thermal shock and also to ensure that intial-cooling is not too rapid then cooling is carried out with water at 20•c. jars then pass to labeling machine and are finally packed,either in cases or on trays.

NOTE: for smaller quantities in jam production the size of the recipe could be reduced to 10kg,also another kind of fruit could be used like pineapple,orange etc.

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