Production of chin chin in Nigeria

Production of chin chin in Nigeria as a small scale business enterprise or for personal Food at home…

Chin chin production recipe

Flour      5-cups
Bakery fat 250g
Sugar 1/2 cup
EGG 2eggs but this is optional
Milk 1/2 tin milk or 1 big sachet or dry milk which is also optional
Baking powder 3-5 level teaspoon
Spice   vanilla flavor or 1/2 whole nut Meg
Water one 259ml


Sieve the flour into different levels, Add up all dry ingredients and mix together. RUB IN the fat. Mix the milk with water. Make a well or hole in the mixture and pour in the water and milk mixture. Mix all into a hard dough. Cut the mixture into two pieces and knead to enhances the mixing. Then roll each pieces into a flat material of less than half centre Metre to 1cm thick..


Slice the material into long stripes and now across to obtain small pieces..
Fry to golden brown colour in deep hot oil.. Strain off oil and cool..

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