Candle production process in Nigeria

Production of candle
Generally, candle composes of waste petroleum products and an organic acid, There is a part of this component that’s combustible so it can supply light. As it burns, the wax melts to release more, thereby giving constant flame, The acid controls the rate at which the wax melts. Hence the burning rate is the of consumption of the combustible material and the melting of the wax..

The average size or dimension of a candle is 2mm. It is therefore cylindrical in shape. Besides paraffin wax, other solid fatty materials like tallow can be used for candle production.

The candle production is a bit complex particularly when it is intended for commercial purposes…

Apparatus /Equipment
1) Mould: This is the device into which the candle solution is run so as to solidify and take shape. It is a cylindrical tube made usually 2mm by 18mm. The mould is open on one end, while the other is like a cone with small opening apex..

a) Machine Given the rigours which is associated with production at large scale using the single mould. It becomes very necessary that machines be used. – machine are in two forms… Electrical and manual machine

1) Electric machine: like every other electric machine ,the electric candle machine depend on electricity for its power generation.It has many components such as motor-roller,heating elements etc. Which are assembled together.The electric machine is every efficient and easy to operate.


ii) Manuel Machine:This is a mechanically operated machine .It depennds on Human energy as its energy sourcez.It is therefore very cumbersome to opereate.This imposes a limit to thhe number of components that can be assembled on the machine .

The components are therefore broken down into several units.Other components as moulds,projectors and conical terminal are assembled in another or unit.



2)Heating system: This supplies the heat energy needed for boiling or melting our chemicals .These are electricity,gas burners firewood etc


3) Boiler: This is the container in which the solid chemicals are changed into liquid before they can be used for production.It is very important that the wax be melted first in the boiler before the specified amount is taken.This is the only means by which accurate measure or the wax component of the camdle can be made.In production boiler is also used as the mixer .so it equally serves as medium in which chemicals are united to give the expected result.


4) Cooling Tank: This consist of a rectangle tank or box through which a number of moulds run,had opening at the either of the rectangule has two openings one above another below,.The coolong liquid ,usually water is run in through the upper opening (inlet) and after circulating round the modulus it goes out through the lower opening (outlet).As the water circulates round the mould ,it withdraws heat from thrm and promotes the solidification..

5) containers: These enable thee producer to measure the specified amount of chemicals into the boiler.The container size depend on the manufacture

6) Cartons:These are mainly for marketing of the products they come in various sizes dependingg on  the manufacturer

7)wick: it is sometimes called twine.It is the core of the camdle its  the component that burns with the aid of paraffin oil to give flame.



1) paraffin wax

2)paraffin oil

3)stearic Acid


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