Piggery/Pig production

Piggery/Pig production

Pig production has some advantages over the other types of animal production.This calls for serious consideration by those wishing to live in the country and make a very good living . This affects not only young people starting anew career,but also urban dwellers wishing to change to a country way of life.It is particularly who can find for themselves new and profitable sources of income by engaging in pig production . The pig is apodictic animal which can deliver 10-20 piglets twice in a year and carry the third pregnancy over to the following year.


  1. This pig is simple stomach (Monogastric) animal like man and hence,has to be fed with very high level of concentrates and two rough ages.it competes with men from the conventional enemy and protein sources.
  2. pork is very notorious because of its high content of fat and low water content in relation to beef and mutton.
  3. pig maintain a type of social dominance order: Individual pigs within litter sucking. The sow establishes test (12) position within the first week of age.
  4. The pig carcass yields a higher percentage of dressed meat and a higher proportion of edible meat i.e Without bone meat when compacted with the other livestock animal..Dressing percentage the dress wt*100 life wt.

The Advantages Of Pig Production Are:

  1. Small amount of land and money is needed for a start
  2. It is equally possible for anybody to learn pig rearing
  3. There is high demand for pork meat today throughout the world
  4. The production of pork meat will help us in Africa to reduce the price of cow meat(beef),you can start in your backyard farm or any available plot of land.

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