Technique For Generating Business Ideas

A business idea is a concept which can be used for commercial purposes.

This is usually centers around a commodity or service that can be sold for money, according to a unique model..

You can create new business ideas in any niche you are passionate about by asking yourself 10 questions. Each question forces you to think deep and look for hidden opportunities which others have overlooked (because they were not obvious). It is true you have been itching to make yourself stand – out by offering something unique, here is the opportunity, pick a product or service and subject it to the following queries :

* Is there a better method of doing this? _let your imagination run wild, you will be surprised at the kind of business ideas you will come with. The less it conforms to the norm the better..
* Can I make it bigger or smaller? – sometimes size does not make a big difference, which is called creativity in business. GIVE IT A TRIAL

* Can I add something to it, subtracts or subtract something from it, or re arrange the order of things? MTN and Cocoa are good at this.

*Can I combine this with something? – Instead of Marketing just a component, why not market a package of the entire component required to satisfy an identified need.

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*What if I do the opposite of this? – Do the opposite of what is expected. Some have become famous using this method.

* How can I make it better, faster, or cheaper? – people are naturally in haste. they want better service delivered with speed and will be happy if they get it for free!

* How can I make this more marketable? – May be better packaging, better delivery method..

* How can I give this a new twist? – Let your imagination run wild and wide. Get creative, do not be afraid of failure.

* Who else need this?

*what else can I use this for? The little post – it sticky paper note you find in offices originated from a failed project.

Instead of throwing the wrong result away, it was modified to serve another purpose. That’s what is called creativity in formulating in business idea…

Here are the humble opinions on how you can create your own unique business ideas.

Do not bother when people tell you that your ideas are crazy, not – feasible or mere wish. So many successful entrepreneur have experienced such unfounded criticism at one point or the other in their entrepreneur adventure

Crédit to mapced..

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