How to start and setup a successful business in fish Farming

How to start and setup a successful businesses in fish Farming
It has been protected that fish demand would increase from 1.018 million tons in the year 2000 in Nigeria. Since fish production in natural water is low,effort must be made to encourage fish production..

What’s fish culture?
This is the growing of fish in pond.. This is one form of aquaculture.. You can deliberately relate it with the aquarium seen in most places..

Why Are Fish Grown In Pond?
This practice is very useful because an estimated method of fish in stock is well known ,and trying to catch fish from the pond is less prone to stress compared to trying to take the same fish from lakes, rivers or streams.
Fish growth can be controlled. The fish can be fed with extra food to Make them better for market, Natural enemies can be kept away from the fish…
Fish in the pond belongs to the pond owner while fish in the river does not…

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Site Selection and Necessary precaution
One of the most important part of planning is finding the right place (selection of the site) for the pond..

Actual site selection requires field observation’s and studies from the condition of the to determine their compliance with fish culture requirement,good topology suitable soil, ability of the soil to hold water and adequate water supply…
Watch out for the next post.. How to construct fish pond…

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    can you give a brief summary on snail farming

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